Consider weight and select the right type of diet for you

Consider weight and select the right type of diet for you

Most people in the world has an ideal body weight. However, the ideal definition varies greatly. General concept of the ideal body is a slim body and tend to be thin. For we are going through adolescence in the 1990s, a very thin body like that of Kate Moss to be the ideal standard. The concept of ideal body weight to bring a positive impact because after all the body fat are at risk of getting many chronic diseases.

Unfortunately, in many developed countries, the concept of ideal body weight is sometimes considered excessive and lead to aberrations such as bulimia. Someone who is skinny sometimes still feel fat and continue to lose weight up past normal limits. Therefore, it is important for us to know the proper way to measure your ideal weight, so we have the appropriate references in losing weight.

To measure weight, we can use formula (height – 100) – 10% higher – 100). For example, if we are 160 cm high, how to measure it as follows: (160-100) – (10% x (160-100)) = 60-6 = 54 kg. 54 kg body weight is recommended for people who have a height 160 cm, 54 kg but the price is not absolute because people of normal weight with 160 cm height is 60 kg with a formula 160-100. If our weight 10-20% higher than the ideal weight, then we must be prepared to lose weight.

There are many types of diets for weight loss: blood type diet, vegetarian, Mediterranean, carbohydrates, proteins, and many more. New methods are also emerging as a diet with injections of the hormone HCG. There are hundreds of ways to get the ideal body weight, but the outline of all types of diets is to regulate intake and diet plus regular exercise. These types of diets designed to maximize weight loss based on the condition of each of us because everyone has a unique body condition and require a unique diet anyway. Therefore, if we want to get the ease and maximum results to achieve ideal weight, it is advisable to choose one of the existing methods of dieting.

It would be nice if we consult the doker or nutritionist to determine the right diet for us. Your doctor or nutritionist will also help us measure the weight and accompany the process of our diet.