Height Increase-How it’s linked to Curing Cancer

Height Increase-How it’s linked to Curing Cancer

Cancer research has a lot of potential applications to Height Increase research. Cancer is caused by uncontrolled cellular proliferation and differentiation. Several growth factors like Insulin-like Growth Factor-one are effective on cancer cells. The use of chondrocarsanoma(a malignant round cell tumor) in the growth plate has been shown to replicate a growth plate like effect when inserted into the hyaline cartilage.

Height growth is caused by proliferation of stem cells in the hyaline cartilage growth area which differentiate into chondrocytes which then differentiate into larger chondrocytes followed by these chondrocytes dying off and being replaced by bone. If you can achieve excessive stem cell proliferation you can grow in the legs by Sox9 which causes the stem cells to differentiate into chondrocytes or in the spine by osteocalcin which makes the stem cells differentiate into osteoblasts.

Height increase and cancer are also linked by tumors in for example the pituitary gland causing Gigantism. The tumor causes excessive growth of the somatotrophic region which alters the bodies homeostatic mechanisms. Their are other tumors that can cause Gigantism but the commonality is that they all involve an alteration in the bodies way of maintaining homeostasis.

So, cancer and height increase are linked by cell proliferation. In the latter, you want to induce it and in the former you want to stop it. Unfortunately, scientists do not do a lot of direct research on height increase. No scientist has injected mesenchymal stem cells into the hyaline cartilage growth plate line and enhanced expression of Sox9, an obvious way of growing taller. Scientists do however do a lot of research on cancer cures. So if you want to increase your height the best place to start is in the field of cancer research.

Talk to cancer scientists and study cellular proliferation and differentiation. Maybe if scientists studied height increase they’d look at cancer in a different way and the cure would pop right out at them. It’s a shame really.

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