Make Informed Food Choice

Make Informed Food Choice

Food labels provide us with nutrition information and facts about the product to aid us make healthy food choice.

Scrutinizing labels carefully is very important if you want to make healthier, safer and more informed food choices. Some foods are healthier than others and food labels help’s us to compare which healthy food fits us. They give info of what’s inside the pack…

In case you don’t know how to interpret product labels…with all their pretty pictures, fancy symbols or product name embedded on them… they can be very confusing. A product written ‘high in vitamins’ does not mean the product is healthy. There is much to consider in the small print…it tells all the details and make sure you read and understand it.

Avoid this common mistake…comparing prices. I know it’s very tempting or easy to over look prices but please… take your time to know products.

When you get influenced by the cost of products and forget all about your health, then, you will be very unfair to your family’s health and your health. Mostly, very cheap thing are not that healthy and if you get used to them…while ignoring to read food labels to get quality healthy foods…then, you’ll be exposing your family and yourself to many health problems. I think you have heard this saying…“cheep is expensive” and after all, why limit healthy eating to your family?