Professional Organizations

Professional Organizations
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Professional Organizations
British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine
The BAHNM is a not for profit organization dedicated to the scientific research and promotion of holistic methods of animal management, nutrition and medicine.

International Alliance for Animal Therapy and Healing
IAATH brings together complementary and alternative animal healers and promotes the concept of concurrent care, where traditional and complementary practitioners cooperate in providing comprehensive care for animals.

Alternative Pet Health
Articles and discussion forums on alternative pet health and natural rearing, indexed by animal and by treatment method.

Alternative Veterinary Medicine Centre
Centre of excellence for the provision of holistic natural medicine techniques, for the treatment of all kinds of animals.

Animal, the Wellness Magazine
Articles on natural healing and nutrition, advice from leading animal experts, coping with pet loss, and acting on behalf of endangered animals.

Australian College of Natural Animal Medicine
Correspondence course provides graduates with a thorough, general understanding of the principles and practice of natural animal care and the use of natural methods, therapies and medicines in the care of common conditions.

Information on ethnoveterinary medicine, or how people around the world use traditional methods to keep their animals healthy and productive, and how development can build on this information.

Kindred Spirits Foundation
Formed to increase awareness of alternative health options for companion animals, KSF is a tax exempt organization dedicated to animal welfare.

Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine
The goal of The Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine is to help integrate holistic medicine into the veterinary field.