Feng Shui To Build The Balance

Feng Shui To Build The Balance

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Feng Shui To Build The Balance

Affecting the yin and yang, the arrangement of objects in the natural and man-made environment lies at the heart of the Chinese belief of feng shui. This ancient Chinese belief has branched into several versions based on either religion, geography, symbolism, or culture. However, all have the common belief in energy.

Feng shui has developed into seven different schools or forms. The first is the Compass school. Based on the 8 main directions of the compass, this form uses 8 trigrams of the I-Ching, known collectively as Pa Kua. Each direction is linked with a specific chi; for example, the southern direction is vibrant energy and is associated with mid-summer.

Based on the individual number of a person, the second school is known as Eight Mansion School, or Eight House Feng Shui. The number of the man living in the home brings harmony and balance to the home. With the west numbers being 2, 6, 7 and 8 and the east numbers being 1,3,4, and 9, people will have lucky and unlucky numbers.

Based on the shape of the landscape and four symbolic animals, the Form school is the third school of feng shui. Each animal identifies the type of landscape. If Form is used with the Compass school, you can easily increase chi both inside and outside the home.

The fourth school of thought is the Black Hat Sect. This school uses a fixed entry point for determining life areas. Closely related to the Compass school in philosophy, it uses different areas. Black Hat Sect mixes psychology, Buddhism, and basic design principles.

The Nine Star Key School uses stars to identify lucky and unlucky days. Based on science, this inflexible method uses complicated mathematical formulas to determine the astrological sign of the future spouse and when they will get married. It also lets the practitioner know in which house he/she lives and makes suggestions on how to live based on the astrological house.

Based on astrology and numerology, the most common Asian form of feng shui is the Flying Star philosophy. Although it is also based on mathematical principles to determine a person''s fate, it is very difficult to understand and learn.

The last of the seven schools is the Four Pillars. Although it is not common, this school is based on astrology of the exact date and time of a person''s birth. According to that data, a person''s fate is determined.

Choosing the right school for the individual, you should then turn your attention to the five elements, which are capable of destroying or continuing harmony in the home. Forming a continual cycle, the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood should be used correctly create balance and harmony.

Each element is associated with a color, direction and number.

- Earth=Brown/Beige=2,5,8=Southwest

- Fire=Red/Purple=9=South

- Water=Blue/Black=1=North

- Metal=Grey/Reflective=6,7=West

- Wood=Green=3,4=East

In the productive cycle, the pattern is as follows:


Water feeds Wood for growth. Wood feeds Fire to produce Earth. Then Earth creates Metal, which can hold Water, completing the cycle. To keep harmony, introduce the elements into the room in order.

The pattern of the destructive cycle looks like this:


Water quenches Fire, and Fire melts Metal. Metal cuts Wood, and Wood clogs Earth, which then muddies Water.

All rooms need all five elements, but each item will count as a different weight of its particular element due to its size (i.e. larger items will more of that element as opposed to smaller items). Using feng shui will bring both beauty and balance to the room and home.

Common Herbs And Some Specific Uses


As we mentioned earlier, we will include descriptions that are not necessarily herbs. This is one of them. Kelp is excellent for the thyroid gland and goiters. Has a remedial and normalizing action on the sensory nerves. Good for nails and hair and cleanses radiation from the body.


Effective treatment for internal bleeding and swollen glands.


Use the flowers. This is a beautiful herb and is widely used. Many do not realize that it is an effective treatment for headaches related to stress. It is also good for depression.


Natural cortisone. Used for hypoglycemia, adrenal glands and stress. It is also for coughs and chest complaints, gastric ulcers and throat conditions.


The most powerful relaxant. Reduces palpitations of the heart. Strengthens muscle action. It is a fine treatment for fevers, pneumonia, meningitis, pleurisy, hepatitis and peritonitis.

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