Addressing Safety Concerns With Sharp Items At Home

Addressing Safety Concerns With Sharp Items At Home

A number of us are involved in DIY projects at home. If not ourselves, we are getting some home improvement projects completed. During these projects, invariably more often than not there is an injury that happens from a sharp item. These can be anything from saws, blades, cutters etc. Any of these can cause injuries which can be extremely dangerous. Injuries can also be caused even by any of these sharp objects if they have not been stored properly. So what are some of the measures you should undertake to keep yourself safe? Here below we discuss some of the key items that can help you keep your home & members away from harm.

Set up and maintain your work area

When you are working with sharp items in your home, always set up a separate work area. Mark it out well, so no one accidentally steps into your tools while you’re on break. If there are kids in the house, then put ask the contractor to put up barriers around the work area. Also ensure that the tools are locked up when they are not in use.

Inspecting your items

Before you start work with a blade at home check to ensure that there is no sign of wear and tear. This will be visible in the form of some crack, warping, or if there is a crack. Inspect your blade guards and belts. They should be adjusted for your grip and body type, and should be installed well. Also if you have to fuel your saw, do it only when it is cold. It is only asking for trouble if you pour gasoline on a hot machine.

There is safety in quality

Remember that a good quality tool is the first thing to ensure safety. That is not to say – buy the best. However, cheapest most often means bad quality as well. So the best option is to get a good quality tool, at a discount.

Wearing good quality footwear while working with sharp tools

Wearing the right footwear, while working with extremely sharp items, like a saw, blade or cutters is important. Especially if you are working with tools that have fast moving blades. Good protective footwear will help prevent your feet from getting punctured, cut or crushed. It helps also to lessen dangers like slipping or tripping, which with an oscillating blade in hand can cause massive damage.

Best Practices

When using sharp items always use the tool for it is meant to do. Never remove blade guards, and only make adjustments when the blade is stationary. Never hand over sharp items to another person. Keep it on the floor and let the other person pick it up.

Maintain your equipment

The tool that causes most harm is one which is not maintained properly. Believe it or not a sharp blade is not as injurious as a dull one. So tighten any loose parts, oil any stubborn joints and always use a sharp blade.

Remember always to wear your complete protective equipment. It ensures that you can avoid the most common hazards. These include your eye mask, hand & ear protection, filter mask /respirators, and good footwear.

Jonathan Hendricks is the author of this informative post. He is a professional blogger who shares his insight and views through his articles. He feels that every house needs a set of oscillating tool blades as they are very handy around the house.