Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Made Easy

Fruit and Vegetable Nutrition Made Easy

Cooking has become one of the great pasttimes of the modern family, and kitchens again are becoming the central point of the home. Much of new home construction in the past several years has featured a great Room, a combination kitchen, dining, and family room, rather than having those spaces broken out separately.

With this has come lots and lots and lots of new toys to put into those kitchens. Browse your local Macys Home Store for Martha Stewart kitchen gadgets, pots and pans, and other cooking supplies. You’ll find tools you had no idea you needed. if you’re like me, you quiver just thinking about all that fun stuff to put in your kitchen.

Or watch Rachael Ray to see all the wondrous toys you’re missing. I absolutely knew without a doubt my cooking days would be over if I couldn’t get my hands on that just right grater or set of spatulas/spoons, or that perfectly formed pasta cooker. And how about those colorful knives? Apparently, I’m not the only one, either. Google gave me 158,000 returns to my query for Rachael Ray utensils.

Now, though, I’ve found a machine that takes away a lot of the need for colorful/perfectly sharpened/perfectly balanced knives. I no longer need to work on that perfect brunoise or julienne cut. I just hack up big chunks of fruits and vegetables and put them in my new machine, turn a button, and I get perfect smoothies and salsas and soups and on and on.

This perfect machine is the Living Well Health Master, which is kind of a super blender, emulsifier, soup cooker, ice cream maker, and health drink preparer.

You may have seen the ads on television about this extremely useful machine. if so, you’ve seen its power. It looks like some kind of super blender, but you’ll see that comparison is way off. this machine has over 3,000 rpm going in its blades, so strong it will emulsify pieces of concrete without breaking a sweat – with no affect to these commercial grade blades.

What’s more, through some kind of magic process, you can make soup and heat it all in this one appliance. Then you can turn around and make an iced drink to go with it. Pretty amazing stuff.

Of course this convenience is all well and good, but I haven’t even talked about the health benefits (after all, it is called a Health Master). because you’re using fresh ingredients, and using all of the healthy parts (skin, stalks, depending on the ingredient), you’re getting all the nutrition. You’re not processing out the fiber and vitamins that are such an important part of our diet – and often a missing part.

My husband became a great fan of a vegetable fruit drink being touted as supplying daily servings of vegetables. Since he’s no great fan of anything green, this seemed like a good thing to help his nutrition. And it was, I’m not denying that.

However, those drinks are a kind of expensive, and they’re made from reconstituted vegetables and fruit juices and added flavorings. He’s now just as happy with the mixes we come up with ourselves, and he’s more interested in the nutritional part of things.